• Gizeh Piramids in Egypt
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    Top 5 – Human Built Wonders

    Civilization and society in the past. Witness all about the human building brain here. In the past, humans were able to build impressive structures like pyramids and fortresses, churches and much more. Human Built Wonders are created because of a combination of factors including:   Advancements in technology and tools: They had better tools and techniques to cut and shape materials…

  • Budapest, Hungary
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    Top 5 – Best Cities in Europe

    So much countries and cultures in one continent! Europe. So much different cultures, countries, and cities in one place. It makes it special for a reason. Having a diverse array of cultures in Europe enriches the continent by bringing a wealth of unique traditions, languages, art, music, food, and history all together. The diversity allows for cultural exchange, resulting in a…