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The lake in Retiro Park, Madrid

Living la vida loca! Spain, a big, living country in the south of Europe. From the living and busy city of Madrid and Barcelona, to the Costa del Sol and Andalusia. Enjoy the best food, an easy-going life, the best countryside and must more here! 

The small, calm, and beautiful country of Switzerland has it all. Beautiful mountains with lots of skiing options make you fall in love with winter vibes. In addition, the cute and business-based cities of Zurich and Basel are amazing places to experience Suisse live style.

If the mainland of Europe has already so much to offer, then Greece will certainly not make you want to leave this continent even more! Exploring all its stunning islands with crystal-clear waters will make you never want to leave this summer vibe ever again. 

Want to visit the tip of Europe and have a look over Morocco in Africa? Buy stuff tax-free and see the biggest wild monkey population on this continent. Make sure to go as fast as possible to this tiny, yet fascinating country and climb your way up The Rock!

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