Kalimera, Kalispera, Kalinixta? Chill out please, I just want to lay down on the beach!

Shipwreck Zakynthos

The Ionian Islands on the west of Greece will give you the most stunning natural beauty with the most crystal clear waters in whole of Greece. With so much to do and to explore such as the Shipwreck in Zakynthos to the historical home of Odysseus on Ithaca, these islands will make you regret not visiting sooner! 

The name “Cyclades” means “circular islands” in Greek, as the islands form a rough circle around the sacred island of Delos. The islands attract visitors from all over the world. Visit islands such as Paros, Naxos and Santorini for stunning sunsets, vibrant nightlife and, as always, the most beautiful beaches in the world.