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Skiing in Engelberg, Switzerland

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3.5/5 stars because:
Easily accessible from everywhere around Switzerland
Clear paths and easy to follow map
Good snow
Some restaurants but could be more
Unfortunately, a lot of the mountain is covered in shadow most of the day

“Es het so vil Schnee.”

~ "There is so much snow" commonly used expression in Swiss German

Skiing in Engelberg, Switzerland is a very nice experience. Engelberg-Titlis, as the area is actually called, is a very nice skiing area and gets a 3.5/5 star rating from my point of view. The area is okay in size, with around 80 km of slopes. The levels differ with several reds and blacks along the main areas, and a huge blue slope to get back to the village at the end of the day. The red slopes are sometimes difficult for beginners and I must see that it is often icy and turns are narrow. However, there are many possibilities, two sides of the mountains where one can ski, good off-slope options, and several good restaurants. 

Another very high plus point of skiing in Engelberg is that it is very easily accessible by train from different regions of Switzerland, where they additionally offer a free shuttle bus to the gondola from the train station. One downside is however, that when the weather is good (as preferred with skiing of course), almost the whole area is covered by the shadow of the mountain. Also the number of restaurants, apre skis, and lunchrooms all over the skiing mountain could be more. Overall I would recommend this area for regular skiers, but I would only go on day trips a few times within the season when the area is close-by.   

Accomodation = Around CHF 100,- for a night in a good hotel
Lunch = Around CHF 25,- per person if you take it easy
Ski pass = CHF 70,- for a day pass
Best impression = min. 10 days

How to best get to the area

When you go skiing in Engelberg, it is good to be prepared for how to get there. Luckily everything in Switzerland is well-connected by the Swiss transportation network. There are several ways to get there from various directions:

  1. By car: Engelberg is located about 35 km south of Lucerne and is easily accessible by car. If you’re driving from Lucerne, simply take the A2 motorway south towards Gotthard and then follow the signs for Engelberg. This is what the locals do!
  2. By train: Engelberg has its own train station, and there are regular trains from Lucerne and other major Swiss cities. From Lucerne, you can take a direct train to Engelberg, which takes about 45 minutes. Trains also run from Zurich, Bern, and other major Swiss cities. From Basel, it is for instance only a 1h and 20 min drive. Just go on a Sunday like I always did! 🙂
  3. By bus: There are also regular bus services to Engelberg from Lucerne and other nearby towns. The bus station is located next to the train station in Engelberg.

If you fly into Switzerland, please keep in mind that there are three airports in Switzerland; Zurich, Basel, and Geneva. The nearest, as well as the major airport, is Zurich Airport. This is about 100 km away from Engelberg. From there, you can take the public transport or hire a car. As the public transport in Switzerland is very convenient, I would really propose you take the option to take the train.

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